Custom airbrush tanning is the ideal way to get a beautiful, natural-looking sunless tan.  Our customizable airbrush sessions are tailored to both your skin type and desired results and are performed by our experienced certified technician, Nyccky Johnson
We are devoted to providing a flawless tan to each and every customer. Whether you are seeking a "just off the beach" glow or a "mediterranean" tan, Tropic Tans will have you beautiful and bronzed in under 15 minutes. 
​Tropic Tans are the most natural spray tans in the area. You will not have the "fake" look of a booth or a non-certified consultant. Our technician is Norvell Master Certified and continue her education yearly to provide you with the best color possible. 


The best spray tan begins with prepared skin.

EXFOLIATE your skin 24 hours before your spray tan session. Do not rub too hard as this will damage the skin.

WAX a minimum of 24 hours or SHAVE a minimum of 8 hours before your spray tan session.

REMOVE all make-up or deodorant before your spray tan session. Do not wear lotion or perfume the day of your spray tan session. 

WEAR DARK LOOSE CLOTHING Do not wear clothing with elastic (sweat pants) as that will rub against your skin while drying.


Our Master Certified Spray Tan Technician will help you choose the perfect color based on your skin tone and the level of bronze that you are trying to achieve. You will then be instructed how to prepare yourself for optimal spray tan results.

Your first appointment should take less than 20minutes from start to finish, including drying time.

The State of NJ law requires that all spray tanning customers be at least 14 years of age, and anyone between the ages of 14 - 17 must be accompanied at their first appointment with a parent or guardian. The guardian will be required to sign a release waiver for the minor with proper identification .

If you are pregnant, we recommend that you speak to your ob/gym before your appointment.

You must wait a FULL 8 HOURS for the DHA to process before you shower to allow the solution to fully develop, unless you have been sprayed with a rapid processing solution (1 - 3 hours), to allow the solution to fully develop. There is a cosmetic bronzer in the solution and this will be rinsed away with your first rinse.

The color continues to darken as the solution develops. During this time, avoid getting wet, sweating, and exercising because this could cause streaking. If it is raining, please try to remember to bring an umbrella.

After 8 hours you are ready for your warm water rinse. This is to be done with NO SOAP! Pat dry with a clean towel, do not rub. You can take a regular shower after 12 hours but do not use Dove Soap or any drying soaps, shower gels, or body wash not approved for spray tanning. DO NOT use loofahs, wash rags after a spray tan. This will speed exfoliation and your spray will fade faster.

Scrubbing, exfoliating, shaving and waxing will cause your tan to fade more quickly. Chlorine will also dramatically fade your spray tan so try to avoid chlorinated pools and hot tubs. Ocean water is find and will not hinder your spray tan.

The most important thing to do after your spray tan is to MOISTURIZE as often as possible after your first shower and every shower you have throughout the duration of your spray tan. We sell Norvell after care moisturizers which are highly recommended to extend the life of your spray tan.

With proper aftercare our spray tan generally lasts 5 - 7 days. Using any of our recommended tan extender products will help to ensure the quality of your spray tan and should increase the longevity as well.
  • Before(top left)And After(bottom left) Spray Tan